Jesus Loves Every 1 of U banner

Jesus Loves Every 1 of U—on Mazey Day, Quay Fair Day and Every Day

On Mazey Day, Saturday 23 June…

Mazey Day entertainment

Entertainment on the Forecourt

Pull up a seat and enjoy the show! It’s all “on the house”.

11:15-12:00 Celtic Fiddlers
12:15-12:45 The Big Dance Company
1:00-1:45 St Erth Concert Band
2:00-2:45 Trelawny Singers
3:00-3:45 Broken Down Band

Refreshment in the Foyer

From 10:30 am. Just pop in to pick up your hot and cold refreshments.

Tea £1.00
Coffee £1.50
Squash 50p
Sandwiches £2.00
Pasties £2.50
Sausage rolls £1.00
Cake £1.00

Enlightenment in the Main Church

The Jesus Loves Every 1 of U Installation

You may have seen a real plane towing a 35 x 15ft banner across the skies around our coastline this summer. Well, there’s also a replica of it flying inside the church today! We invite you to pause and ask yourself, ‘Is the message “Jesus Loves Every 1 of U” for other people or might it also be for me?’ Come on in and look round at the installation. Assisted by the words in our accompanying brochure, you may wish to consider the message on that banner.

On Quay Fair Day, Sunday 24 June…

Open-air worship

Church Goes Public

Starting at 10:30 am, we are doing church “inside out”.

What we usually do inside, we are doing outside on the forecourt! A great opportunity for anyone to see what church is about without stepping into the building.

Feel free to come along and see what happens—you may be surprised!

Special guest speaker: Steve Wild.

Followed by a Splendid Picnic!

Bring your own—and maybe some more for someone else who may need some!