The Connexion: Spring 2018 Issue

The Spring 2018 edition of the Methodist Church’s magazine is now available.

Sharing Testimonies

Editor David Perry writes:

The Connexion issue 11 coverThe Bible encourages us to see that each of us has a story to tell of the difference that Jesus makes to our lives. The woman at the well in John 4 could have kept quiet about her encounter with Jesus, but because she didn’t, a whole community was transformed and blessed from within. She had great and wonderful news to share and so she spoke about it in ways that enabled others to accept it and own it as their truth too.

Testimony is just as much an essential aspect of our evangelism and mission today as it was in the time of the first Easter and Pentecost. So how might you and your church need to be persuaded, convinced and unsettled?

Above all, might you be encouraged to share your testimony to the good news of Jesus in your life?

You can download a PDF of the magazine or request a printed copy.