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Welcome to High Street Methodist Church

Sunday 6th December 2020 

We are delighted to be able to open our doors again on the first Thursday in December! The Circuit Communion is at 10am, we bring our own individual bread and wine and share the service together.  All are welcome.

Our preacher on Sunday 6th will be Rev Alastair Bolt, and our service will begin at the new time of 2.30.  Do join us if you are able.

We have responded to the Government and Methodist requirements to stay alert and safe, whenever you come to Church you will be asked to wear a face covering, use the sanitisers available and sign in with our QR code or with contact details before and after the service or meeting; this is for everyone's protection.

On Friday 4th December our Church will be open for prayer and conversation for an hour from 2.30, feel free to drop in and say hello. 

Our regular letter writing sessions devoted to supporting the Open Doors charity which works with persecuted Christians all over the world will resume in the new year.




High Street church building High Street church building interior

Sunday Services

2:30 pm: Worship

How To Find Us

Our church building is on the corner of Taroveor Road (TR18 2AA) and High Street (TR18 2SU), Penzance.

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