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The Connexion: Winter 2020 Issue

The Winter 2020 edition of the Methodist Church's magazine is now available.

Choices: Choosing Life

Editor David Perry writes:

The Connexion front cover"Choose life." So says Ewan McGregor’s character Renton during his famous monologue in Danny Boyle’s 1996 film Trainspotting. Tellingly, he goes on to proclaim: "I chose not to choose life." The film brilliantly and unsparingly unpacks what that choice means for him and those around him, who live in a cruel, cursed and deathly shadow world of heroin addiction. It is also an indictment of the prevailing socio-political realities of the time, which left so many families and communities mired in hopelessness and despair.

Choices have consequences. The climate emergency clearly sets before us in its starkest form the choice between life and death that God presents to the people in Deuteronomy 30:19. We are also living with the consequences of the Brexit referendum and the general election. What does it mean to choose life when one person's blessing is another’s curse?

Changing our choices so that we are a blessing to the planet and to each other, rather than a curse, is the most pressing priority we face. So it is timely to remind ourselves that the Church exists to be an exemplar of what choosing life looks like. It was raised to embody and make real the life-giving blessing of God in Jesus for the whole world.

That is why our front cover proclaims our modern identity as a godly people of radical life-affirming choices, expressed in six key hopes for the future. That is why this issue of the connexion explores what changing our choices as Methodists might entail. Stories of choosing life and blessings, which range from the global through to the smallest rural chapel and to every one of us considering our way of life, give us hope and spurs us to action where we are. Each helps us appreciate both the cost and necessity of choosing life and of the truth that the One who puts the life-choice before us is the One whose Spirit enables us to take it and make it work.

Whatever the choices around us, we choose life.

You can download a PDF of the magazine or request a printed copy.

Published at 17:08 on 27 January 2020

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