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Minister's Letter, 12 May

From the Revd Alastair Bolt

Dear Friends,

Blessings in this week. Well done to everyone who is making contact with other people in innovative ways. We seem to be using the Internet and social media far more than ever before; some of you having fellowship meetings on Zoom. Where you take part in worship or listen the sermons on-line, you are uniting with all the other people listening in. Thank you also to those who are reaching out to our friends beyond the Internet, phoning people, dropping round hard copies of news, talking from the garden gate, and even writing letters.

To begin with we needed to sort out new ways of doing things, then we needed to sustain the effort. Sometime we shall need to adapt to ‘re-entry’. However, some of the new things we are doing, we should have done long ago. It will be good to keep on doing fellowship ‘remotely’ alongside the more normal forms of meeting and gathering when these can resume. There is no substitute for meeting a person or people physically. The Gospel is spelled out to us by the God Who has come in Christ to be close to us. He thought meeting was that important! We shall get back to it, but we can use the other remote means as well.

Modern technology really mirrors in a very small way what God is always doing through His Holy Spirit, using ‘technology’ far beyond ours. The Lord is with us all, all the time, in every place. He listens to our prayers where-ever we pray them, there are no problems with ‘signal’ or ‘band width’. He responds to our prayers wherever the answer is needed, and is on our case instantly without time lag or queueing.

I know that some of you have listened to my weekly sermons. If you hadn’t noticed on the Pz Methodist web-site, you can now view the sermon as well. I shall continue to record the sermons on audio with music.

We shall have to see how the new easing of lock-down restrictions works out. When the government gives churches new possibilities to use their buildings, we will adapt quickly. In the meantime, ‘staying alert’ will need more personal responsibility than just ‘staying  home’. We should be good at this. Christians are always called to live under God’s Law, but then given choices to make about what our discipleship should look like day by day. So, this week, if you have new freedoms, use them wisely. If you are locked down for the foreseeable future, the Lord will be with you, and so will we.

Warm regards,

Alastair's signature

Published at 16:28 on 12 May 2020

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