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Minister's Letter, 2 June

From the Revd Alastair Bolt

Dear Friends,

I hope that many of you have been able to enjoy this glorious weather. It is hard to remember all the flooding and endless rain of February and March. How at the mercy of the weather we are, or more precisely how great are God’s works compared to all our technological efforts.

Even in the tightest period of lock-down when the streets were literally deserted, the Spring  kept going during April. Everything just kept growing, seeds germinated, birds sang and made nests, flowers came out and the natural world progressed as if nothing unusual was happening. We have a very human-centred view of things, but when we are removed from the natural scene, nature does very well without us. Indeed, it probably does better without our disturbance, noise and pollution. I gather that the birds have done well this spring because they have been able to hear each other better.

In my latest magazine from The National Trust there is an inspirational picture of the sunrise over the sea, with the very fine words:

In these uncertain times,
We know you might feel unsure…
But flowers still grow, birds still sing
And waves still sweep across the shore.

And with the rising
And setting of the sun,
Nature reminds us all
That brighter days will come.

We know that it is really God who speaks to us out of His ongoing creation and sustaining of the natural. He reminds us of His power and our dependence on Him, and we should remember our smallness. He reminds us that this world is not just about us, He has other concerns as well, and we should learn our place. But He also reminds us that He has the resources to care for our particular needs. We are ‘worth more than many sparrows’. So, let us take fresh hope from the turning of the seasons, that the Lord will most assuredly bring us through our present troubles.

I came across a van in Falmouth on Monday advertising ‘Rescue from confined spaces’, which I think is a specialist maritime issue. It’s also a good title for the Holy Spirit’s coming to us during lock-down. He doesn’t just seek us out when we are lost ‘out there’ but when we a tied down ‘in here’. However much you feel that your space just now is small, claustrophobic and imprisoning, the Lord Jesus will come in to you, and reach you when no-one else can.

May the Lord’s richest blessing be upon you all,

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Published at 16:13 on 2 June 2020

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