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Newsletter, 19 December

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Preachers- December 26th No Service at Chapel Street.

Dec 26th-Service at Wesley Rock at 11 am. Preacher- Rev. Ralph Ward.

Jan 2nd Preacher at both services is Linda Stevens.

Christmas services

Christmas Eve- There will be a carol service at Chapel Street at 6 pm.

There will be a retiring collection for “Medair”. (See more about Medair at the end.)

11.30 pm Midnight communion at Wesley Rock.

Christmas Day there is a service at Chapel Street at 10.30 am.

For Prayer-

  • Pray that those who are coming into our Chapel for concerts, services and other events over this Christmas period will sense God’s presence in a special way.

  • Please continue to remember in your prayers all those in our Church and who we know who are bereaved as Christmas can be a difficult time when someone close has died.

URGENT-Help Needed. More cleaners are urgently needed. Can you please let Beverly know if you can help.

BIBLE READERS-Could you offer to read the lesson at the 10.45 service?

Welcomers- Thanks for all those who have offered to welcome. We need more for the first service please.

Help please- Thank you to all who have offered to count collection after the second service. A few more are needed. Help is needed especially to count the collection on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Thank you to those who have offered.

Flower rota is being prepared for next year. Please can we have some more volunteers? It would only be for one Sunday a year. Please see Mary Bennetts if you can help.

Children It is lovely to see the children in Church on Sundays. In the new year we would like to have an activity sheet or similar may be based on the sermon that they could do. Is there anyone who would like to do prepare this? Please let Doreen know if you can help.

Prayer-This is a message from Revd Graham Thompson, co-chair of the Cornwall District and next year’s President of Conference, As our nation—along with the rest of the world—continues to wrestle with the effects and uncertainties caused by Covid-19, we are calling the Region to prayer on Epiphany, 6th January 2022. Please will you join us in setting aside some time on 6th January 2022—alone or with others?

Stamps As Christmas approaches and we get some ‘proper’ mail -please can you save the stamps. There is a section in the pigeon holes for them.

Christmas Mail-Please check the Pigeon holes for your mail.

Thank you-Mary Royall says a big thank you for her birthday flowers.

Greetings- Howard and Marie Blundy send their love to all this Christmas.

Jan 30th the 9.15 service is an own arrangement. Has anyone any ideas please?

MEDAIR is an impartial, independent, and neutral humanitarian organisation inspired by Christian faith to save lives and relieve human suffering in the world’s most difficult-to-reach and devastated places.

Fighting against COVID-19 in Lebanon, Medair has mobile vaccination teams & have adapted buses to create ‘VaxBuses’. They deliver vaccinations in vulnerable communities across the Bekaa Valley and the South of Lebanon, including those with physical disability currently unable to access mass vaccination services. Medair Lebanon says, “Cost and availability of transport makes it very difficult for people in this crisis to access vaccinations but if people are unable to come to us, then the VaxBus can go to them! When food, fuel and medicines are hard to come by, vaccination can seem a lesser priority.”

We in UK are so fortunate to have received vaccinations against Covid-19. Supporting Medair’s VaxBuses is a practical way to give thanks.

There will be no newsletter next week.

Published at 6:19 on 18 December 2021

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