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Newsletter, 9 January

John 8 v12 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

Preachers- January 16th. 9.15 Mrs Jenny Harrold, 10.45 Rev. Ward- Communion.

Jan 16th Preachers 9.15 Tim James 10.45 Tim James.

JAN 16th-M.A.P. Covenant Service, 2,30pm at High Street.

"Our covenant service will be held at High Street Methodist Church on Sunday January 16th at 2.30 pm. This will be a joint service for the Penzance Methodist churches. There will be four people coming into membership of High Street at this service, some of whom will be sharing testimony. As such it would be great for us all to support them and also to experience such a significant occasion.” - Ralph.

Themed Teaching

From Ralph-“I will be starting a series of themed teaching in our 10.45 services on Sunday January 23rd. The topic is “Personal Evangelism”. There will be a total of five sermons. The first topic is “What is evangelism, and why should I do it?”

Thank you.

  1. The collection at the Carol Service totalled £351.34 and is to be split equally between CTIPA, Breakfast Project and “Medair”. MEDAIR is an impartial, independent, and neutral humanitarian organisation inspired by Christian faith to save lives and relieve human suffering in the world’s most difficult-to-reach and devastated places. They deliver vaccinations in vulnerable communities. , Medair says “Cost and availability of transport makes it very difficult for people in this crisis to access vaccinations but if people are unable to come to us, then the VaxBus can go to them! When food, fuel and medicines are hard to come by, vaccination can seem a lesser priority.”
  2. The collection at the Christmas Morning Service totalled £194 and has been sent to “Action for Children”.
  3. A big “Thank you” to Marie and Kate who have offered to do activity sheets for the Children on Sundays.
  4. Thanks to Kate and Gavin who have offered to plan the Own Arrangement service.
  5. A big thank you to all who helped take down the decorations in the foyer and the Chapel.

For Prayer

As we come into the new year pray that we will all be aware of God’s will for our lives and our Church.

Pray for Gill Ostin as she sees the specialist soon.

Doreen is having an eye operation on Monday and would appreciate prayers that the operation goes smoothly and is successful.

Help needed

  • We are still needing people to count the collection after the 10.45 services. We have enough to take care of three weeks each month but need others for the fourth and, when necessary, fifth weeks and to act as reserves.
  • More cleaners are urgently needed. Can you please let Beverly know if you can help. Big Thank you to those who have already offered.
  • Welcomers- We need more welcomers for the 9.15 service please.
  • Flower rota is being prepared for next year. Please can we have some more volunteers?. It would only be for one Sunday a year. Please see Mary Bennetts if you can help.
  • Communion -Is there anyone who would like to help prepare communion for the 9.15 services please?
  • Little Fishes -We really need more help in Little Fishes. Some of the regular helpers are not available for the next few weeks. “Big thank you” to Julie Reed who has agreed to step in some weeks but there needs to be more help. This is a group and young mums and their young children. If you can help between 8.30 and 12 that would be great.

There will be no Church News next week unless someone would be willing to do it.

Published at 12:38 on 9 January 2022

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