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Emergency Aid For Ukraine


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The situation in Ukraine is devastating. Ukrainian children and their families who have sought a safe haven often only have what they could carry. They are without: warm clothing, food, hygiene supplies and personal assistance.

"We see a lot of people—especially women and children—who come crying and try to find somewhere to live," Pastor Cornel Haureş tells us, and then turns to the next family and asks where they want to go. He is based in Romania, and has been helping at the border on a voluntary basis for two days, sleeping in his car at night.

Most of those who are currently arriving are among the "lucky ones" who are only passing through because they have relatives in Poland, Germany or Italy. "They left their country on time because they knew where they were going," says Bogdan, one of the volunteers working at the border in Romania.

Work is already underway through our global Samaritan’s Purse response efforts to support people like Pastor Haureş and to give:

  • Support to organisations and church communities on the Romanian-Ukrainian border in providing first aid to refugees
  • Distribution of backpacks including hygiene items and blankets to refugees arriving in Germany.

Alongside this, Samaritan’s Purse has deployed disaster response specialists to Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Our teams are conducting rapid needs assessments in areas neighbouring Ukraine to determine how we can meet emergency needs.

Each of these advance teams includes a medical staff member who will work to identify if there are any health needs that are unable to be met by the local healthcare system. In coordination with this assessment, Samaritan’s Purse has also prepared an Emergency Field Hospital for overseas shipment in the event that it is needed.

Please prayerfully consider helping us bring hope to as many Ukrainians as possible in Jesus’ Name.

Give now to help Ukrainian refugees

Published at 10:22 on 2 March 2022

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