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The Connexion: Winter 2019 Issue

The Winter 2019 edition of the Methodist Church's magazine is now available.


Editor David Perry writes:

Connexion front coverThe theme of this issue of The Connexion is journeying, which at this time of year carries with it all the gravitas of a defining theological imperative. I say this because the season of Christmas and Epiphany is the rich story of journeys made, of divine and human moving in and moving on, of faith being energised to action by ancient promises, prophetic clarity and the gathering momentum of hope.

Having journeyed through the wonder, mystery and intimacy of the Word made flesh and been moved like the Magi to find out the truth for ourselves, we are now led to the baptism of Jesus and the beginning of His public ministry. The journey of ‘God with us’ takes us from the most profound revelation of divine solidarity in Bethlehem to the warm embodied breath of that glory standing amongst and alongside the searching mass of humanity at the river Jordan.

The narrative impetus of the Christian year in January gathers us up into this flow. It bids us journey ever deeper into God’s journey with us. This movement is one of heart, mind and feet, reflecting the collective name given to the early Christians: ‘the Way’. We are followers of Jesus, not static, moribund spectators of Christian tradition because the One who stands amongst us calls us to journey together in the ongoing narrative of liberation for all, ourselves included.

All of the contributions in issue 13 reflect this dynamic. Not surprisingly the rich pattern that emerges is encouraging and inspiring, thought-provoking and profoundly challenging, just like the biblical story itself. One way or another, we are all on the move.

You can download a PDF of the magazine or request a printed copy.

Published at 18:37 on 7 January 2019

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