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Tithing Our Income

Recently the Mission Action Group has been thinking about ways we could develop relationships with the organisations CSMC are supporting through tithing. To help us all feel involved in mission both home and abroad we will from time to time give you some information about these organisations, to raise their profile so we might all pray for them.

The History of Tithing at CSMC

On 4th February 2015, Revd Alastair Bolt presented a paper to the Church Council entitled “Tithing the Church’s Income”. This paper looked at the biblical principles of why we should tithe as a church.

A proposal was put forward to begin tithing at 5% by Myers Cooper (Senior Steward) with a view to increasing this to the full 10% in due course. This was seconded by Paul Symons (Treasurer) and was unanimously agreed by the Church Council.

The first year on which a “tithe” was paid was the year to 31st August 2014, when 5% of certain receipts were given.

The percentage was gradually increased by 1% per annum and based on the year to 31st August 2017 we have allocated 8% of these receipts. By 2019 we will be tithing as a church the full 10%.

Organisations Supported by Tithing in 2018 by CSMC


  • Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency based in the United Kingdom which has worked in over 50 countries.
  • They primarily focus on supporting those in poverty and providing disaster relief for disadvantaged communities.
  • Their vision is to work with and through a worldwide network of local churches — forming one global church — to end poverty.

Bosence Farm

  • Bosence Farm was originally established in 1995 in West Cornwall as Cornwall’s only twelve-step rehabilitation unit for drug users.
  • A second unit opened in 2010 to provide a residential service for people who need detoxification or help to stabilise their drug use.
  • Their purpose is to provide safe, high quality and accessible services in settings which enable individuals to change, to achieve their full potential, free from addiction.

Published at 7:23 on 11 April 2018

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